OLC class || ons again?
Monday, January 4, 2016 • 11:28 AM • 0 l.o.v.e{s)

Yuu the king of salt lol why so salty
Ohayouuu Gozaimasuuu

I'm back again ahaaa now i want to be a total blogger hahaha so how's your first day of school? and I've been staying at home all day while my sisters are all at school //yawns. I thought best stay kat rumah alone but nah bored because feeling so sunyi heh. So, I've started my english master last night. They did presentation for first round. And my turn is tonight for second round ohmegad. Baru masuk terus kena buat presentation. Dah lah diri kat depan sorang2 ;3; damn. So now i need to find some materials. Maybe nak buat tajuk "how to spend your holidays wisely" kot? Seems bored but yeah asalkan simple since the time given is 3 mins only. Haih suddenly feeling so nervous. I'm so not ready for this. Duh how to get my confidence in those period. Afraid if i pronounce salah wuish then tersasul ke apa ya allah minta dijauhkan T_T Hopefully things going better tonight.

Anyway , i'm currently reading ons manga but yeah mostly banyak scenes dalam manga yang dia dah adapted dalam anime so yeah its like im rewatching the manga. I just cant wait for chapter 41 update. Since manga ni update sebulan sekali so yeah memang kena highly patience if you are a fan of this series. I really want to know what happen next. Since ending dia macam shit je. Haih i dont know what happen to shinya, guren and mirai. Tup tup 4 months later damn. In those 4 months how did mika survived without blood eh? ehem ke yuu ehem k ignore my dirty mikayuu thoughts lmao. And why the hell humans take over vampire city and what happen to other vampires (shh im secretly at vampire's side lol) plus wHAAT HAPPEN TO MY MAMA QUEEN KRUL LEPAS FERID GIGIT HNNGNHJHNBKJ im sorry tengah banyak feeling sekarang ni. Whatever hopefully ons will get a season 3. Probably aroung winter 2017? duh thats a loooong wait. But anyway, bulan May nanti ons will have an ova so yeah 5 months lagiii omg gonna see my mikayuu babies again ^3^ hahahaha

Oh before that , pls listen to this mika's theme song. I've been jaming to this song since 3 days ago. Its totally epic and awesome wuhuu. click here . okay I need to finish some of my presentation materials and bagi belang makan. Yeah my cat mmg kuat makan since dia tu kuat sangat memburu lol.