Tuesday, October 13, 2015 • 7:32 PM • 0 l.o.v.e{s)

2 years.
2 years since I whooosssh away and now I'm back. Oh I really miss writing on my blog. Alhamdulillah I still remember this blog which i used to spazz over kpop on this blog lol. But that was 2 years ago. I think I've grown maturely and start thinking how immature i am before when I scrolled down through the last posts. Now I'm 17. Okay time flies so fast as it feels like yesterday I just got my pmr result. And you know what, 19 days more till I gonna face the biggest nightmare in my whole existence, SPM. holy sh--. I want to cry. 

Lots of things had changed. Honestly I'm still into kpop but not as fanatic as before. I'm just into exo this moment. And yeah there were so many new things came into my life like a wrecking ball. I've got into mangas and animes. Well you can say I'm an otaku but not really much. and also i actually spent lot of times reading english fiction novels. So far I've read the divergent series, maze runner and my ultimate fave right now is cassandra clare's masterpieces <3 The Mortal Instruments series are just wow. It make me wanna become a shadowhunter and married with Jace Wayland lol. The Infernal Devices are also great tho plus The Bane Chronicles. Its about Magnus Bane the highest warlock and so deeply in love with Alec Lightwood (u can smell some gayish here mehh). Well said, "Kittens are cute but Warlocks are.. Not" lmao. I also love watching movies and most of the my fave novels that turned into movies i've watched. But still u need to read the novels bcs the plot in movies and novels are completely different.

Well need to sign out. Have to study tons of things more. I need to get straight As in spm T_T wish me the best and I'll come here again whenever I free (probabably visit here everyday after spm bcs i have nothing to do lol)

xx - Oct, 2015.